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Hartmut Jaschok Jun 24th, 2014

Social services package at Transcom Germany helps employees balance work life and family

When Johan Eriksson announced “Transcom Cares”, our overarching Corporate Social Responsibility governance program last year, he stated the following:

“Every year, we hire thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. So it is not an exaggeration to say that people truly make all the difference in our business.”

So we have to start with the people. Every employer wants to have passionate employees working efficient and focused. In reality though there is always a point in life when one struggles with personal issues or needs extra support. At Transcom, we still need to consider that balanced and happy employees are the basis for creating an Outstanding Customer Experience to our client’s customers. At Transcom Germany we try to ease the management of personal life and work for our employees. The possibility to create a healthy balance between family and work life is a crucial factor when it comes to recruiting and motivating people. At one of our sites we have already set up a new service in collaboration with the service agency “Arbeit + Leben in MV” to ensure that our people get information, help and support exactly when it’s needed. Areas covered are child care, foster care, legal advice, counseling offers, search for housing, authorities’ affairs and individual requests as well. For Transcom employees the service is free and can be used anytime via telephone and e-mail. We are planning to expand our social services to the employees of the Transcom site in Halle. Especially for new hire employees and non-native speakers of multilingual projects the service offer is very helpful. So far, we have only received positive feedback. Earlier this spring, the local newspaper Rostocker Blitz published an article about Transcom’s new service offer for our employees.

Transcom Care

Article from Rostocker Blitz about Transcom's social services package.

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