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Giovanni De Santis Jan 21st, 2014

A special Christmas in Transcom Lecce

"The gift of a smile fills the heart with happiness. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give.”  P. John Faber This is something that everyone at the Transcom site in Lecce knows very well after experiencing this feeling 260 times in the run up to Christmas! Taking the cue from an idea proposed during a staff meeting, management and employees at the Lecce site in Italy decided to organise a collection of toys for charity during the Christmas period. The response to the initiative was enthusiastic to say the least, and with the help of all employees at the site more than 260 toys were collected for children in orphanages and child protection centres. The charity project overwhelmed the company, filling the Call Center Manager’s office with plenty of toys and games to classify, wrap up and deliver. For 20 days the Lecce site was transformed into a sort of Father Christmas’ workshop. Everyone contributed to the effort and felt responsible about achieving the goal they’d set themselves!


The gifts were presented to their recipients by Father Christmas accompanied by his elves and reindeer, making it an event the children won’t forget in a hurry. Father TransChristmas’ sled visited a total of ten centres in the Salento area, including the Lecce pediatric oncology centre, “La Nostra Famiglia” in Ostuni, “Il Cedro” in Oria, and the Icaro Association in Maglie. The aim was to put a smile on the faces and happiness in the hearts of as many children as possible, but in the end we realised that the hearts that received the greatest benefit from the initiative were probably our own. The realisation of this initiative brought the true spirit of Christmas to life, but most importantly made it clear to all of us that a group of people who share the same goal can achieve the impossible! Happy 2014 from Lecce!    

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