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Claudia Balboa Riquelme Apr 22nd, 2014

Successful outcome of sales marathon at Transcom Concepcion

At Transcom’s Concepcion site in Chile, we recently celebrated two months since our opening day. Today the site employs 60 sales agents, servicing a major telecom company. Our client offers TV, phone and Internet services and has a very competitive satellite TV offer. In November, we organized a sales marathon to encourage and motivate our agents to achieve their best results ever. And they did! We started the day with a team breakfast, followed by pause gymnastics. During the day, 20 people achieved our sales targets which resulted in a 30% increase of closures, compared to a normal day. Telemarathon at Transcom Concepcion

These great achievements are the results of good teamwork, including the recruiting and training staff, as well as the team leaders and business managers that prepare the information that help the agents in their sales argumentations. We will keep on working with an expansive aim, with a commitment to Transom’s excellence, and focusing on innovation as a way to generate new businesses and satisfy our clients.

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