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Lorena Marzolo Jun 5th, 2014

Successful Transcom Cares project in Italy resulted in a modern playground for disabled children

In 2012, Transcom employees in Italy produced the book “Giglio dell’Aquila” and donated all the sales to the local Italian Red Cross organization in L’Aquila. A year ago, Transcom Italy and the Italian Red Cross initiated a cooperation regarding solidarity projects in L’Aquila and it was decided that Transcom’s donation would be used to do something practical for the children in this city. Four months later we achieved our goal!

Transcom Italy, together with the Italian Red Cross and the non-profit organization “Forza L’Aquila” inaugurated the new Forte Spagnolo Playground in L’Aquila last October 31, 2013.

RAI journalist Rosanna Cacio, cutting the ribbon.

RAI journalist Rosanna Cacio is cutting the ribbon.

After an institutional ceremony at the auditorium, the renovated playground was officially opened by the local Archbishop. The event was attended by our General Manager Roberto Boggio, by Italian Red Cross vice-president Maria Teresa Letta, and by Carlo Caione, President of the Forza L’Aquila Association. In the afternoon, the “Mamme Aquilane” (“Mums from Aquila”) Association organized a Halloween party at the playground for all the city’s children. It is impossible to describe the joy and enthusiasm on the youthful faces of the thousand children who came to the event. Forte Playground

The project was not a simple one, but after the idea had been presented, everyone wanted to take part in this solidarity initiative; from members of the public and businesses to government institutions.

Initially, we had planned for some  renovation works as refurbishment and safety improvement for existing equipment and to add a few new attractions. But as work progressed, everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to do more grew quickly.

The project received support both from the city and beyond. This involvement encouraged many more sponsors to contribute to our initiative, including a newly married couple from Milan, who asked their relatives and friends to donate money to our playground project instead of giving them wedding presents. We started with a simple refurbishment plan, but in the end we delivered a modern and socially-aware facility to the city. The playground has been provided with new equipment for children with special needs, including those in wheelchairs.

With the support of the local “Unione Italiana Ciechi” (“Italian Union of the Blind”), we introduced braille signage to allow visually impaired children to find their way around and use the playground. And with the help of other donations, in the final stages of the project we were able to add a mini football pitch, which can also be used by visually impaired children with a specially designed “sound ball”.

At Transcom Italy we are very proud of our Transcom Cares project and we are extremely happy to have been able to do something practical for the adults of tomorrow.

A football pitch for the visually impaired.
A football pitch for the visually impaired.
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