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Adriana Tavares Jul 18th, 2014

The sweet taste of Transcom Cares in Portugal

Last December, Transcom Portugal made a donation to a local institution that is small in size but very big in the difference they make in the lives of the people they care for. AFPAD supports disabled people throughout their life, providing them with the needed care, but also with their best possible integration into society. The donation was made in the context of our CSR-program Transcom Cares.

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'AFPAD was also elected as the institution Transcom Portugal will support in 2014. We have already started to organize regular collections of food, clothes, shoes, toys, and books that are delivered to the organization on a monthly basis. Other activities we plan for during 2014 are to organize a selling exhibition of some of the handicrafts made by the disabled people at our Transcom Ribeirão site and, together with our people, volunteering actions, such as building up an organic garden or the recovery of their interior and exterior gardens. In parallel, and despite the fact that it’s not mandatory by Portuguese Law, we believe that Transcom can provide work suitable for people with certain types of disability and we have been studying the possibility of increasing the number of disabled people that work with us. In a very much appreciated “thank you” gesture, last month people from AFPAD came to pay us a surprise visit to offer a cake, baked by them. The most memorable moment from their visit was without a doubt the smiles on their faces while observing a reality so different from the one they are used to in their daily routine!

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