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Adriana Tavares Apr 3rd, 2014

Talking about motivation at Transcom at ExpoRH in Portugal

ExpoRH is the biggest annual HR event in Portugal and this year’s event attracted 2,500 delegates. The conference lasts for two days and covers different aspects and trends within human resources. This year, Transcom was invited to talk about our experience and practices, together with companies such as Microsoft, Bosch, Henkel, McDonalds, Samsung, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, among others. On the theme “Is employee motivation based on monetary rewards? Is it possible to motivate with non-monetary factors?” we shared our experience on how we keep our people motivated in a workplace were around 80% of business is based in outbound sales, which is the case at Transcom Portugal. Talking about motivation Transcom Portugal

In fact, there are no big secrets. We inspire our agents to run that extra mile that makes Transcom different from our competitors by using:

  • Transcom’s three values – Passion, Excellence and Innovation
  • Adding attainable but challenging goals
  • A fair and transparent evaluation method
  • Continuous support
  • Creating a dynamic environment and moments of fun

RHExpo Portugal

A selection of different motivation activities we had during 2013.[/caption] Altogether, these tools are an important reason why Transcom reached the record score of 93% in employee satisfaction in 2013. Our “external medal” was received when Mercer’s Marsh Benefits speaker mentioned  that happiness is in the end the most important thing in life and maybe the most difficult one to achieve in an organization and stated:

Transcom knows how to make their people happy!

And this quote and recognition made us at Transcom Portugal very proud and happy!

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