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Aija Urbiņa Jan 8th, 2014

Ten useful pieces of advice on how to stay positive!

Every day, our customer service representatives (CSR) deal with different kinds of customers - happy and polite, as well as not so happy and polite at all. To get rid of negative emotions and in order to continue providing an excellent customer experience, Transcom Latvia decided that November would be a “month without anger”. Therefore, we organized a variety of activities during November that helped CSRs maintain or recover their positive emotions. For example, we set up a table soccer game, for positive energy recovery and even a punching bag for those who had a really tough day. In order to make the most of our table soccer game, Transcom, together with the Latvia Table Soccer Association, organized a tournament between different departments.

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The month without anger was not only about physical activities that help people relax, but also about sharing advice and practice. Several CSRs chose to take a part in anger management workshops, where they had a chance to get to know their customers better and appreciate why people are sometimes upset. „The main lesson I learned, by attending classes, is that the client is just an ordinary person - with his or her virtues and vices, and my job is to be professional in any situation! I learned new phrases to use. I look forward to more classes and the opportunity to listen to inspiring talks” said Ineta – one of the CSRs who attended the anger management workshop.

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All Transcom Latvia employees also shared a lot of ideas, e.g. on how to deal with angry customers and how to stay positive in any situation. Allow us to share some of this advice with you as well:

  1. Take control of yourself and your emotions. You have the ability to choose how to feel – why choose to feel angry?
  2. If you are angry after talking to a customer, tell a colleague. Talk it out and you will be ready for the next call!
  3. Close your eyes and count to ten (or twenty, if needed)
  4. Play imaginary guitar or drums!
  5. Relax your shoulders. Roll them back and forward, 3 times each way.
  6. Breathe slowly and deeply, using your diaphragm.
  7. Use a stress ball or pen.
  8. Drink a glass of water.
  9. Stay positive whatever happens (at first, you might have to force yourself, but it will become natural to you with some practice).
  10. Anger? What anger? Do your job as professionally as you can, and you will have only happy and satisfied customers!

The activities in November were so successful that we will keep some of the things: the table soccer table, the anger management workshop and a summary of all the advice we shared.


Have an excellent and positive day!

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