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Giuseppe Bertini Dec 4th, 2013

Training courses for over 150 people on the “Leadership Tour: the Power of a Team” project


In March 2013, the Human Resources Office launched a project to develop the management competences of personnel who act as coordinators in the company. Last week, the project entered its final stage, involving 156 people working in all centers that offer services to the Italian and French markets. The initiative aims to satisfy one of the main goals set by Transcom’s top management: to encourage and promote the enterprise spirit of our most talented people, in order to encourage business development and organic growth based on shared goals and competences. After an initial stage of collecting, analyzing and assessing training needs, and then planning the most suitable action with the support of specialist third party companies, we have now begun to deliver the training courses. An important aim of the training is to develop personal leadership skills. The courses for Team Leaders and Business Managers were given priority because of the key role they play as points of contact between management and operations areas. The courses were designed based on an experience-based approach, with lots of practical activities, case studies and role playing exercises devised to develop various important skills:

  • Effective leadership and people motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Teamwork and effective communication
  • Problem solving

We know that people make all the difference in our industry. This is why we are increasing our focus on training as a way to develop the skills of our employees.

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