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Roberto Boggio Jul 1st, 2014

Transcom announces “LeonarDo 2.0.14” – a research and innovation program to improve the customer care process

Transcom has decided to invest in a new research and development project called “Smart Digital Ecosystem for Customer Experience Enhancement”. For simplicity’s sake we’ve renamed the project “LeonarDo 2.0.14”, combining the year of the initiative’s launch with the 2.0 that symbolizes the Digital age we live in.


This program has been developed by Transcom Italy on a joint basis with L’Aquila University and some local partners, and we feel that it will contribute to re-launching the local economy, heavily hit by the 2009 earthquake. The project will run for the next three years and the aim is to define solutions, tools, methods and techniques designed to improve the customer service process and effectively exploit the potential offered by new digital technologies. A research and development center will be set up for this purpose, based on the systematic and structured exchange of know-how and expertise between academic research bodies and the customer service industry. This laboratory will be headquartered in Transcom’s L’Aquila offices and run by expert, innovation-oriented resources provided by all the partners involved in the initiative. The solutions and operating models developed by the LeonarDo 2.0.14 project will be validated in complex customer experience environments, with the aim of creating high value-added services for clients and consumers. Innovation and continuous development are the key competitive success factors we can offer our clients to help them win the daily fight for market leadership. Our ambition is that the LeonarDo 2.0.14 “Competence Center” in L’Aquila will act as a technical and scientific point of reference for all Transcom’s 57 contact centers worldwide. I am confident that LeonarDo 2.0.14 will become a mine of innovative ideas and revolutionary solutions in the area of technological, organizational and process innovation, which will significantly contribute to confirm Transcom’s leading role in the global BPO marketplace. With this initiative, we are reaffirming our commitment to Transcom’s vision of being recognized as a global leader in customer experience.

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