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Álvaro Vázquez Jan 24th, 2014

Transcom Atica’s Kilo campaign delivered 150 kg food to schools in Madrid

At Transcom Atica in Madrid, we do not lose time when it comes to lend a hand to whom may need it. In conjunction with the Altius-Francisco de Vitoria Foundation, a food campaign has been conducted to support its program for accompany families who have been hardly hit by the crisis in Spain. As a part of Transcom Cares, Transcom Atica printed and distributed posters to the different services and departments, inviting all employees to collaborate. During ten days, everybody could bring non-perishable food. As a result, we delivered 150 kg food to the Foundation that was distributed to three schools in Madrid.

Poster with the initiative

The Altius-Francisco de Vitoria Foundation program pursues personal change through the strengthening of individual capabilities, the creation of self-help groups and coverage of family basic needs such as food, personal hygiene or household cleaning. This objective involves their own educational centers and they will choose the participating families.

Transcom Atica team involved in the campaign

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