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Asta Ivanickiene Oct 29th, 2014

Transcom cares in Lithuania - attitude makes the difference

Transcom Lithuania has joined a professional volunteering initiative called “Kam To Reikia?!” ("Who needs it?!), aiming to help students understand the value the subjects they study at school will have in their future life thereby increasing their motivation to study and assisting them in choosing a career path. There is a significant gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

This initiative helps in bridging those seemingly separate areas into something the students can understand and own. Through giving lessons at school and inviting students for shadowing, we try to show students the meaning of studying through real-life examples, explaining how knowledge gained in school can be applied in daily processes at work. But it’s not only about the knowledge. During the lessons, we discuss different ways of preparing for their career while still being a student. Mainly, we speak about recruitment process and competencies, with a special emphasis on attitude, which is often overlooked by young people.


Transcom is a company that often values willingness to learn, potential, positivity and other traits more than professional skills. This is very important to young people who want to start their career, but don’t have any experience. That is where attitude becomes crucial and that’s exactly the message we try to convey to students – it’s not always about what you know or can do, but rather who you are and what you want to do.

By shadowing at Transcom, students experience a day at a contact center. They get to experience our environment, speak to our people and gain firsthand knowledge of what is required to become part of our team. We show them our “real-life” picture and it’s a great pleasure that, by the time they’re leaving, many of them promise that when they start looking for their first job – Transcom will definitely be the first on their list. It is very satisfying to connect with young people and feel that we are making a difference in their lives.

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