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Johan Eriksson Jul 25th, 2013

Transcom Cares in the Philippines

I recently spent another exciting week in the Philippines, not only for business and to meet our fantastic staff over there, but also for an activity that had a great impact on me personally. In Transcom Philippines, they have been operating a program called Transcom Cares for many years. Both the company and our employees are contributing to a fund aimed at supporting people in need, e.g. victims of natural catastrophes, kids and the elderly. The fund has also helped people build their own businesses. I think a great example of this is when Transcom Cares last year donated a large number of bike taxis (trisikads), a common means of transportation for short distances in the Philippines, to help people from a marginalized sector of Bacolod City support their families.

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Since there are millions of orphans in the Philippines, Transcom Cares activities have often been targeted at improving their situation. I participated in such an activity in Manila, organized by Transcom Cares. We visited Concordia Children’s Services, a children’s home in Manila. The organization operates two programs:

  • a Residential Care Program where they let approximately 20 young children (0-2 years), most of them orphans, stay in their residential facility until a permanent placement is made (mostly adoption)
  • an Urban Poor Children Program (street kids) aimed to support children between the ages of 7 and 16 with education and other forms of support to help them improve their lives

It was a very strong experience going there. We met a fantastic staff, very often dedicated to their important work 24 by 7, helping these babies to survive. Transcom Cares has decided to support Concordia Children’s Services financially, covering approximately half of the operating costs for this children’s home. The visit was absolutely stunning. It really put one’s own life into perspective, and reminded me how fortunate one is to be living under totally different conditions. What Transcom does in the Philippines in this area is fantastic and I will challenge the rest of our company to step up their community engagement activities as well. It was great to see our staff’s engagement in all this and I am very proud of them. Johan Eriksson, President & CEO

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