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Giuseppe Bertini Sep 10th, 2014

Transcom Cares supports a fundraising project to bring L’Aquila back to life

On April 6, 2009 a powerful earthquake struck the town of L’Aquila in Italy and the surrounding areas. Five years have passed and though a lot has been done to improve the quality of life of those who survived, there is still so much to do to bring this city back to life. Transcom Italy has one of its operating sites in L’Aquila and we recently produced a video to let everybody know what L’Aquila looks like today, with the objective of supporting the non-profit Association “Forza L’Aquila” in raising funds that will be dedicated to restoration and regeneration projects.

Our goal is to promote this collection throughout the world and online in order to make a concrete step towards full reconstruction, with special attention to the quality of life for the younger generations living in L’Aquila.

As part of Transcom Cares, Transcom's global CSR program, we intend to play an active role in this fund raising project, starting with promoting it within our Transcom community, made up of 29,000 people working at 57 contact centers in the world, their families and friends, and a significant number of business partners, clients, suppliers and all those willing to contribute. Everybody can easily make a real difference and help, even by only promoting this initiative and video on your website and social media to exploit the viral power of the Internet for a very good cause. This initiative has been sponsored by the Italian Red Cross together with all local government authorities (Abruzzo Region, Province and City of L’Aquila).

Nido Aquila IBAN

From time to time we will provide updates on this blog about the amount of money raised through this project and will give evidence of its actual final destination in the restoration of L’Aquila.

Donate & Promote

Beyond the traditional donations through money transfer – that are obviously the most appreciated and valuable ones – there is a zero-cost and effortless donation that everyone can easily make (and repeat) at any time, through  This donation is simple, fast and costless: after registration, users choose the charity to which they will donate a few seconds of their time (Forza L’Aquila is our project’s charity organization), then view an ad and, in this way, allow to channel to the money raised from advertising companies to charities. Users can check in real time the amount of their donations and share news and favorite charitable projects with their friends to increase the number of views and related donations. It’s really easy to rapidly increase the sum raised.

Today, only a few months after our first presentation of this video to our personnel in Transcom L’Aquila, we have already collected over 10,000 Euros! So please, watch our video, donate and promote! 

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