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Joseph Roc Feb 20th, 2015

Transcom Cares supports indigenous tribe in the Philippines

Transcom Cares goes beyond the notion of just doing outreach activities to do corporate social responsibility. In late 2014, Transcom Cares in the Philippines brought 30 employee volunteers to assist in an activity for an indigent tribe located in the northern part of Luzon.

These indigenous people, called the Aetas lives in the scattered, isolated mountains of Tarlac. They are a part of the county’s 15 million indigenous people. There is neither electricity nor running water in their houses and the only luxury that they have are their sturdy houses.

Armed with determination and the spirit of giving, our volunteers hiked under the scorching heat of the sun to reach the isolated mountain community. They brought along with them various donations of books, clothes, food, an electric generator, and a television set from fellow Transcom employees. Upon reaching the mountaintop where the Aeta’s live, the volunteers were set to bring happiness to the Aeta community. They engaged not the children, but the adults with fun games. They also treated the Aeta’s with food.

Collage Transcom Cares Aeta

For our volunteers, it was a great sense of fulfillment to participate in this Transcom Cares activity:

“The outreach is a testament of living up to the mission, vision and philosophy of Transcom cares.” Joerns Nalam   “It was indeed one of the most fulfilling activities I have done in my life. There is no greater reason than to live with a purpose”. Philip Enopia    “Despite the distance, the journey and the location was never a barrier for us to show our love, compassion, and support for our Aeta brothers and sisters.”  Geraldine Alvarez   I am in awe with the determination of the Aetas, especially the children who trek from the mountain top down to the river trail every day, just to go to school. This made me feel thankful of what I have.” Richard Sumait

More than leaving the Aetas with a smile on their faces, the outreach activity gave way for Transcom employees to realize that you need not be rich in money in order to help or be of service to others. In your own way, you can do service above self. And if you have the willingness to serve without asking something in return, at the end of the day, you will definitely have that sense of fulfillment.

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