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Siva Subramaniam Feb 28th, 2014

Transcom Cares supports a new resource centre for street kids in Manila

As mentioned earlier here on the blog, one of the many organizations sponsored by Transcom Cares in the Philippines is Concordia Children's Services (CCS), a children's home in Manila for abandoned and neglected children. The organization operates two programs:

  • a Residential Care Program for children 0-2 years, most of them orphans, giving them a quality temporary care until they are placed in permanent homes
  • an Urban Poor Children Program (street kids) aimed to support children between the ages of 7 and 16 with education and other forms of support to help them improve their lives

In late October 2013 the organization moved into a new facility, and decided to build a Resource Center on the property for the Urban Poor Children. The Transcom Cares Foundation stepped in and financially supported the project. On December 6th, the new venue was inaugurated by Dr Walt Winters, the founder of CCS, Nabelle Caballes, Executive Director of CCS, Johan Eriksson, CEO and President of Transcom Worldwide and Siva Subramanian, Regional General Manager Transcom Asia Pacific.

Collage inaguration Concordia

Now, less than three months later it is with great joy we can see that the new Research Center already is a well-attended and appreciated venue for these children. Indoor and outdoor activities are being organized to help the children in their school performance. They come here to do their homework, research, to read and for tuition. The building also serves as a library. Volunteers from Transcom in Manila recently visited the CCS Resource Center to carry through a feeding program and to talk to the children about proper hygiene. The plan is to regular visit the organizations that Transcom Cares Foundation in the Philippines supports every 6-10 months. This way we will be able monitor the organizations’ growth and to have a continuous relationship with the kids and the volunteers.

Collage Volunteers

Please like Concordia Children's Services on Facebook to find more information about their work and programs.

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