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Trixie Calimon Jul 16th, 2014

Transcom celebrates the 116th Philippine Independence Day with high spirits and a huge cake

For many Filipinos, the 12th of June is the most important and fantastic day in our history. This day always reminds us about the sacrifices our ancestors made in order for us to live this day as free and independent citizens. Philippine Indepencen Day_logo

At Transcom’s four contact centers in the Philippines, it’s a yearly tradition to celebrate the Independence Day with a big cake, shaped like the Philippine flag. This year, the offices were decorated with balloons and flags and the buildings were lit up and people talked excitingly about the cakes already when they arrived in the morning. All employees were in a cheerful mood and eager to participate as we all gathered to witness the celebration ceremony and sing the national anthem together.

“There was a great enthusiasm among us. All were in their high spirits and we all stood in respect” Gilgin Fransisco, Teamleader, Transcom Iloilo

The singing was then finally followed by the slicing of the cake which was distributed to everyone.

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