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Katrin Holst Sep 9th, 2013

Transcom Estonia Embracing Empathy

In today’s world, providing correct information and fulfilling customers’ requests accurately is not sufficient to create an outstanding customer experience.  It takes more than that. Being empathic, creating positive emotions and generating happiness have become key elements of superb service. Transcom Estonia has always encouraged and trained people to show more empathy towards customers and to provide a memorable service. What we have learned is that the best way to embrace empathy is not only thinking about it in the context of customer interaction, but considering it to be part of everything we do. Every now and then, we all slip and need to be reminded that everything we do outside of direct customer contact impacts the way we interact with customers. This August, Transcom Estonia launched the “Empathy Month” initiative.

The idea is to bring more friendliness, kindness, understanding and empathy to our day-to-day interactions with each other. We strongly believe that experiencing positive interactions helps us to provide the same to our beloved customers. During August, we all focus on creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Our team leaders are keeping a close eye on their teams and taking notes to identify the team member who has been most welcoming and supportive to the rest. The friendliest and most supportive colleagues will receive a small gift. But the greatest gift is that we have all experienced more positive feelings, and this has a direct positive impact on our interactions with our clients’ customers.

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