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Juulia Jürgens Feb 3rd, 2015

Transcom Estonia reaches impressive end-user satisfaction result for telecom client

Customer satisfaction is very important for all companies. All feedback that we receive from our clients´end-users is individual and needs to be handled on a daily basis. The past twelve months, the average end-user satisfaction for one of our telecom clients in Estonia has been OS 85% and FCR 75%.

Daily monitoring of end-user feedback and consistent training of our agents have given us these high results. Every feedback (positive and negative) has been analyzed and linked and assigned to a specific agent. Customer service training, ongoing and regular feedback from team leaders to agents and different competitions have contributed to the good result as well.

Intense cooperation with our client also helps us solve the end-user’s questions quickly. On the client’s Intranet we share end-user praises with our agents. This has proven to be a very good incitement to motivated agents as everyone wants to get positive feedback that is publicly recognized. At Transcom Estonia, we are proud to have end-users that are very satisfied with our customer care services.  In 2015, we will try to achieve even higher results.

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