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Tanja Lohrmann Jun 1st, 2016

Transcom Germany uses behavioral analysis tool to optimize recruiting

Every year, Transcom hires thousands of new people on whom our business results depend. People truly make all the difference in our business. To identify the best talents for our projects, we are open and like to use innovative ways to meet our goals. Innovation is one of the three core values which guide us as a company and which influence how we behave.

As a pioneer among the global Transcom Group, Transcom Germany uses an innovative new tool in the area of recruiting and people development. The personality test is based on the DISC behavioral style analysis. It can be useful in any situation where it is important to perceive individual differences of people and people’s behavior. The first step in using the tool for the recruiting and selection process is to create a personality target profile of the perfect employee to work at Transcom.

We called on our best employees to fill in a DISC personality questionnaire based on behavioral self description in specific situations. Afterwards, an individual profile on the basis of assuming four main styles of behavior being Dominance, Initiative, Steadiness and Compliance, was created.


Those profiles help to highlight the employees’ strengths. The results and insights we gained through our best employees are used to create a personality target profile which symbolizes the ideal employee at Transcom. The personality target profile will be used as reference in future interviews and assessment centers to support hiring decisions. This new tool supports us in easily identifying those talents with the right attitudes for working at Transcom. Thus, we hire the right people and develop them into true Customer Experience specialists.

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