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Hans-Rainer Michels Sep 18th, 2014

Transcom Halle arranges its own championship within the context of the FIFA World Cup

  The floors of Transcom Germany in Halle have looked different lately.


Since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil the bright, colourful ambiance of Latin America seems to be in every single office. But it’s not only the colours black, red, gold that you can see on the walls, on the ceiling and in other decorations. No, you can find all kinds of flags and exotic emblems. It seems as if the multinational Group Transcom presents itself as multicultural as ever. But the reason for this change is not only the FIFA World Cup. It’s a great campaign arranged by the Management of Transcom in Halle to let the positive atmosphere of the championship be part of the everyday work at Transcom.


Therefore we made up our own championship to integrate this international feel into the working routine by organizing a betting game, a decoration competition and table football tournaments.
 The first activity for our teams was to draw a ticket with the name of a football team participating in the world cup. This determined the name of the team for the next few months.


Now they had the chance to win the first task by decorating their office as creatively as possible, of course thematically related to their football team.
Since the beginning of the first matches, all teams could prove their football knowledge every week in a betting game. But the employees didn’t bet all by themselves, they had to vote on the scores in their teams.

In addition, every Friday noon, they could demonstrate their table football skills by challenging the other teams. So every team could save points for the next weeks by working together and supporting each other.
During the championship, results were announced regularly. But after the thrilling finale of the FIFA World Cup, the teams were excited to find out about the final results of our championship. In a ceremony, the best three teams were awarded with a prize. Gift coupons for bowling and other activities were handed out, to reward the whole team for their effort and especially for their excellent teamwork.  

Almost all teams were participating and you could tell they had a lot of fun. The campaign served its purpose, as it provided the employees with a break from their working routine and strengthened teamwork. All employees unleashed their competitive spirit, not only our football fans.


Our internal communication served as a good platform to inform our employees about the tasks and the results. Our Facebook page, on which we released impressions of our championship, got a lot of visits and likes from Transcom employees and even friends of employees who were fascinated with the great campaign.

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