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Stefania Melosi Apr 10th, 2015

Transcom Italy and Unicef together for the “100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child” project

As part of Transcom Cares, the overarching program that guides our solidarity and social responsibility initiatives worldwide, in 2014 Transcom Italy entered into a partnership with UNICEF to support and promote the campaign 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child”. Globally, 20% of the infant population (0-5 years old) is not regularly vaccinated. Vaccinations are one of the most effective, sustainable and cost-effective healthcare initiatives possible.

The 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child campaign has received support at different levels and in different ways from everyone at Transcom. Most importantly, Transcom Italy decided to buy all the Christmas gifts they give to their staff from UNICEF. The company also asked employees to contribute to the solidarity initiative by donating one or more hours of work through their pay packets, raising a further EUR 3,500 for this campaign.

Transcom Italy also installed UNICEF collection points at all the company’s office sites for spontaneous donations by staff and visitors. In December, multiple solidarity initiatives were organized at all our sites in Italy, including the “Adotta una Pigotta” [Adopt a Pigotta] project endorsed by the Transcom Bari site, where a highly productive rag doll workshop has been set up, drawing on the creativity and enthusiasm of many of our co-workers who have made 150 rag dolls, (each more beautiful than the other!) thus raising an extra amount of EUR 2,300 for the Unicef campaign.

A Pigotta was a rag doll in Italy in the post-World War II period; today it is a UNICEF doll, handmade with imagination and creativity by an army of volunteers throughout Italy. By making a minimum donation of €20, everyone can adopt a Pigotta and support UNICEF and its life-saving programs in central and western Africa. Every Pigotta opens up a circle of solidarity uniting the person who made the doll, with the person who adopted it, and with the child who, thanks to UNICEF, will be covered by an infant mortality prevention program.

Some “call center operator” Pigottas made at Transcom Bari.

Some “call center operator” Pigottas made at Transcom Bari.[/caption] Everyone can contribute to this fund raising campaign by making a donation through the dedicated website. In Transcom Italy we’re particularly proud of this partnership with Unicef. All together, we have already raised over EUR 17,000 to support this infant mortality prevention programme. And now we would like to share with our readers this beautiful and moving video we have received as a sign of gratitude from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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