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Stefania Melosi Sep 4th, 2013

Transcom Italy's Quality Tour starts again

The first edition of the “Quality Tour”, dedicated to our largest Italian client, started from L’Aquila some months ago and visited several other Italian sites. We are now ready to do it again, involving our sites in Bari, L’Aquila, Lecce and Milan for the second round. What is the Quality Tour in practice? It is a cycle of meetings organized by the Italian Transcom team assigned to Training, Processes and Quality for our largest client; it was initially launched to promote and control the quality of our operations. With a view to enhancing Customer Experience, our client takes part in an all-day event dedicated to sharing knowledge and interacting with people at each site, in the context of reviewing and discussing objectives and initiatives in order to continuously improve our quality of service. Each tour day embraces a series of activities:

  • The Training and Process Quality Manager describes the organization of the entire contract management team, which revolves around the Front Line operators.
  • The site Quality and Training Specialist provides an overview of the quality results achieved by the site over the previous three months and illustrates its points of strength and challenges in terms of quality and training.
  • An Action Plan is presented with the objective of successfully addressing challenges, defining initiatives to be implemented over the next six-month period.
  • About 15-20 calls are monitored and the focus points and improvement opportunities raised are discussed at the subsequent follow-up session.
  • Team activities (quizzes and simulations) are organized for operators to involve them actively in the day’s work.

The Quality Tour is repeated periodically to monitor trends and the progress made at each site, also with a view to encouraging the exchange of best practices and opportunities for synergy.

The team devoted to the “Quality Tour” in L’Aquila…
The team devoted to the “Quality Tour” in L’Aquila… 

... in Bari

... in Bari

... and in Lecce.

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