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Gita Firsova Dec 11th, 2014

Transcom Latvia took part in “Summer job for youth” project

This year, Transcom Latvia took part in “Summer job for youth” a project organized by the State employment agency and European social funds. Almost 5000 young people took part in this project. Many of them considered Transcom’s offer very attractive, and a lot of people showed interest in coming to work for us.

In total we employed 27 students, who got an opportunity to acquire work experience and to develop sales skills. Overall, they were very skilled, communicative and bright people with high motivation. Not only did they contribute new ideas, but they were also lots of fun to work with. I think that Transcom can offer young people a very valuable first job experience that will serve them well regardless of what they choose to do in the future.

We are proud of the platform for career development that Transcom offers young people in many countries. Our agents learn about direct client interaction in a dynamic environment, strengthening their communication and technology skills. Our 27 students in this particular program had a great opportunity to discover their own potential and maybe even a desire for future studies associated with this type of job. Career opportunities are good, as we recruit most of our managers internally. The students appreciated the opportunity to work at Transcom, because of the work experience they gained in a comfortable working environment. Some of them even continued working with us as permanent employees. We think we fulfilled the main aim of this project –  to create opportunities for young people – and we gave students a first insight into work life and also about customer needs. We managed to improve their communication and sales skills which will surely help them in the future.

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