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Agata Mironova Sep 3rd, 2013

Transcom Latvia’s exchange experience at a client site in California


Recently, all five Team Leaders, the Training & Quality Manager and the Business Manager visited their media & entertainment client’s main site in California in order to learn more about the customer service aspects that are required to service our client’s customers. The team had the possibility to listen to calls, as well as shadow agents and supervisors at the site. This helped them better understand the culture of this company, knowledge which they could then bring back home and share with their teams. Sitting in on coaching sessions and call calibrations sparked ideas on actions the Transcom team could put in place in order to gain even better results.


The opportunity to see all departments involved in the creation of the client’s product enlightened everyone on the client’s key processes. Team leaders gained a lot of knowledge on how to coach agents in order to optimize results in those areas which are most critical for delivering an excellent customer experience. The week offered plenty of fresh and exciting insights on this project - lots of new information, loads of brainstorming and an overwhelming amount of new ideas to implement at our site. Despite the long hours, the team also had some time to have fun with new colleagues.

Great America amusement park

The implementation of all the things the team learned is an on-going process, but performance has already improved and the team has received praise from the client’s management. FYI: Transcom Latvia started to support this client in October 2012 for the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets.

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