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Natan Cereijido Aug 14th, 2013

Transcom Multinational Day in Budapest

Recently, the Transcom Multinational event took place in Budapest. The event, organized by the Social Team, gave each country the opportunity to show interesting information about their own culture. The exhibition spaces were prepared on a voluntary basis by Transcom employees coming from different locations around the world and they included, among other elements, informative posters, traditional dress, typical local items and lots of pictures. But that was not all. The room where the event took place also had plenty of traditional food, kindly cooked and prepared by the colleagues, to share with each other. Furthermore, the event counted as well on typical music and fun games created by the team in which you had to complete a series of questions based on the information contained in the room. To conclude the event, a group of colleagues from Hungary, Spain, Uruguay and Cuba played several traditional songs.

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To sum up, it was a great day shared with all our colleagues, who showed their team spirit and generosity.

The event reflects the spirit of Transcom's office in Budapest, where 34 different nationalities are represented. This gives Transcom a unique ability to provide services from an attractive location to multinational companies in many different countries, using native speakers.

Thank you very much to the Social Team for having organized a great event that gives us the possibility to get to know each other and to show a bit of our own culture.

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