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Martijn Steenbergen Oct 9th, 2014

Transcom Netherlands collects old devices disassembled for reuse to support disabled people

Some of our employees at Transcom Groningen turned out to be kitchen wizards this summer. They participated in a pie baking competition that they organized themselves. Colleagues who were less useful in the kitchen could join too. Pieces of the pies were sold for only € 1. 

Thanks to the efforts of the cake bakers and other generous colleagues, 154 euros were raised. Transcom Netherlands wants to give more attention to activities related to people whith mental or physical disabilities. The pie baking competition is part of an event for ‘Resaikelfabriek’. This is a manufacturer where people with mental disabilities dismantle old electrical appliances for reuse as a daytime activity.

Two interns at Transcom Groningen organized a fundraiser. They asked all colleagues to join the event or support it. Until now, five full containers with old devices have been sent to ‘the Resaikelfabriek’. The campaign will run until October.

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