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Manuel Tamayo Dec 17th, 2014

Transcom Peru starts operations with leading wireless service provider

It is with great joy I announce the growth of Transcom Peru with our new client and state that this is the beginning of new achievements and goals for the Transcom family. The win of this client means that we will fully utilize our site’s capacity. Our new client is the leading wireless service provider company in Latin America.

Thanks to successful program management, all tasks were completed on schedule. The HR department recruited and selected  personnel well in advance of the launch. Team Leads, Quality Agents and Trainers were trained and our Client handled the product training for the new staff.

New service in Transcom Lima

In October 2014 we started the operation with inbound customer service..We will start the training for future campaigns at the beginning of 2015. Our goal is to excel in all customer service skills and make a difference for our client´s customers. In order to succeed, we have put a lot of efford in the selection process of our new trainers. They all have great expertise in teaching agents on a professional level. It is our responsibility to make sure that the teams succeed, through coaching, feedback and constant refresher training.

We will definitely walk that extra mile to make this a successful project. More information about the operation and our achievements will follow in the months to come.

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