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Siva Subramaniam Oct 3rd, 2014

Transcom Philippines celebrates ten years of creating outstanding customer experiences

Transcom Worldwide Philippines Inc. started back in 2004 through Nucomm International with less than 100 staff. Nucomm International was a Canadian consulting company which was acquired by Transcom in 2007. Since then, we have soared towards growth and success. The growth of Transcom Philippines was accelerated due to the influx of new clients and the availability of financial resources to match that growth. In 2009, our capacity doubled with the opening of two new sites in Iloilo and Bacolod.

Another landmark that launched in the same year was Transcom Cares, our corporate social responsibility program. During the aptly titled Project ONE, Transcom employees cooked food and conducted Sunday school for the less fortunate children in Manila. Aside from conducting feeding programs, donation drives, tree planting activities, and other community-based livelihood help, Transcom Cares built a child care center to accommodate the children of Transcom employees, especially the single parents. The Child Care Center formally started its operations in 2011. Originally, it was planned to be open for six months only. 

Skilled caretakers ensure that the children are safe while their parents work during shifts. It was eventually made permanent due to the overwhelming support from both the management and employees who are parents. To this day, it is the only facility of its kind inside a BPO in the country. With the influx of clients and the need to provide more jobs to Filipinos, we opened another site in Mandaluyong in 2012.

In November 2013, we celebrated a global milestone when Transcom Cares was broadened in scope and turned into a global program in order to provide strengthened governance and coordination for all Transcom’s CSR focus areas: people development, equality & diversity and community engagement. With our five sites, strategically located in the cities of Pasig, Mandaluyong, Bacolod and IloIlo,

Transcom celebrates ten years of pride and excellence on September 2014. As part of celebrating ten glorious years of Transcom in the Philippines, we had simultaneous grand events happening in all our locations wherein our employees were treated to generous food, performances from the best dance groups and musical acts. In addition, we invited 65 of our global leaders to experience first-hand, the world-famous brand of Filipino hospitality and entertainment.

We remain committed to our unique focus in creating experiences that deeply engage our clients, customers, employees and our community. We dedicate these ten years of creating premier customer experiences with a smile to our employees, who have made all this possible through their hard work, commitment and dedication. And with this commitment, we celebrate the rapid growth of our presence in the Philippines, now counting almost 10,000 employees.

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