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Joseph Roc Sep 10th, 2015

Transcom Philippines' Child Care center celebrates four years

Employee Child Care Benefits Through The Years

Our Pasig site child care center recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with a simple mass and party for our children, their parents, and guests. As a treat to the kids, games were conducted by the childcare staff, even former childcare staff joined the celebrations and spent time with the children.
The celebration ended with the laughter of children and adults alike whose smiling faces are proof that it was indeed a night blessed with fun and enjoyment. And these won’t be possible without the continued support of the management and the beloved parents of our Transcom kids. In addition, the Pasig site child care center recently featured in Smart Parenting Philippine's list of 10 Companies Parents Would Love to Work For, highlighting additional parental benefits, these companies can make the start of the parenthood journey a little bit easier.
Established in 2011 at our Pasig site, the Childcare Center was originally planned to be open for six months only, the operations were eventually made permanent due to outstanding support from both the management and employees. This is a safe place to help our employees, especially for single parents, to look after their children during their shifts and fulfill their parental duties. To this day, our Childcare facilities are the only one of its kind inside a BPO in the Philippines.

Transcom Philippines' Child Care center celebrates four years  
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