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Siva Subramaniam Jan 10th, 2014

Transcom Philippines Exhibits the True Filipino Spirit

Transcom Worldwide Philippines’ leaders and employees, across all of their four sites, unanimously agreed on the worthy cause of helping their Filipino countrymen who were badly affected by the super typhoon Haiyan by simplifying their respective year end parties and using them as channels to save funds and funnel more donations to those who need them. In the recently concluded parties, a video was shown to capture the true essence of what values our employees have, and how, in their own little ways, they showed support to their countrymen who lost their families, lost their homes and whose strength and faith were shaken. “The Filipino Spirit lives.” Often used to describe the resiliency of the Filipinos during times of natural calamities, it is also used to describe the outpouring support of fellow Filipinos to help, and the steadfast faith and belief of the country’s people that there is HOPE and that tomorrow will be a better day. Together, Transcom employees and the rest of the Filipino people will gather the courage to start rebuilding the nation – block by block – for it is what they will always call home.

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