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Fernando Oliveira Nov 12th, 2013

Transcom Portugal celebrates its first ten years!

Transcom Portugal celebrated its 10th anniversary this year! Transcom Portugal was established in 2003 with approximately 200 employees serving a single client. Since then, we have added many new clients in various industries. Our team has worked closely together, always with the objective of delivering great customer experience and solid operational results for our clients. We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, which has allowed us to grow and develop together over the years.

10 Aniversary Transcom Ribeirao

Since we made this 10-year journey together, we couldn’t imagine celebrating in any other way than as a team. The celebration of our anniversary had to be a meaningful and unforgettable team moment. We invited all of our employees to help decorate the site and we surprised everyone with a Lip Dub activity, ending with the traditional anniversary cake. All Transcom Portugal team members received the DVD as a souvenir!

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