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Anna Meijere Nov 25th, 2014

Transcom reaches High Performance Benchmark on "Client Satisfaction with Customer Experience management"

Transcom regularly measures Client Satisfaction through online surveys. These surveys are based on COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) principles, and quantify satisfaction across multiple entities and also give a total score for a client. Client representatives are asked to evaluate overall satisfaction and satisfaction with specific attributes. All managers in the client organization who have business-related contacts with Transcom are invited to participate.

For one of our telecom clients that I work with, I am happy to say that Transcom exceeded the target of 80% Top 2 Boxes (very satisfied and satisfied respondents, COPC High Performance Benchmark) for Customer Experience management. We track our average score in order to follow performance trends over time, and I am very proud with our positive development and the client satisfaction result achieved.

Improving performance in terms of Customer Experience management has both tangible and intangible benefits for Transcom, as our vision is to be recognized as a global leader in customer experience. This is why we strive to continuously improve. Each team develops action plans that are shared with the client in order to ensure full transparency regarding intended actions and to manage expectations for the future.

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