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Anna Meijere Mar 18th, 2016

Transcom reaches ​High Performance Benchmark target for Client Overall Satisfaction in 2015

Transcom regularly measures Client Satisfaction through online surveys. The surveys are based on COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) principles, and quantify ​overall ​satisfaction and satisfaction with specific attributes (e.g. end-user/customer feedback management, account management, key support processes) across multiple entities and provide a total score for a client.

All managers in the client organization who have business-related contacts with Transcom are invited to participate. Transcom as a Telecom Client Customer Service Supplier reached the target of 80% Top 2 Boxes Overall Satisfaction (very satisfied and satisfied respondents, COPC High Performance Benchmark) for the first six months of 2015.

For the second part of the year Transcom exceeded the benchmark even more and finished with 92% Top 2 Boxes Overall Satisfaction. This is a notable milestone in the partnership. During the last few years both Transcom and the Client have upgraded several key customer related processes and key support processes to share responsibilities and ensure that each party specialize in the operational practices to support performance.

The Overall Satisfaction level achieved demonstrates that Trancom has been successful in using structured change management while maintaining the focus on efficient and effective performance to provide both the Client and the Client's customers with services that meet expectations.

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