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Adriana Tavares Dec 17th, 2013

Transcom Ribeirao gives a hand to the "Pajama Day"

In November 20th 1989, United Nation’s International Convention of the Rights of the Child stated the following on its preamble: “The child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.” In Portugal 95% of the almost 8,600 children that are separated from their parents live in institutions, only 5% finds a new home in a foster family. Due do this fact each 20thNovember, Portugal celebrates the “Pajama Day”. On this day, all children under 6 years associate themselves to a noble cause and go to school dressed up in their pajamas, in order to call attention to all children’s need and right to have a place they call home. The activities that happen through the day involve the children, their parents and the community and are showed on the television and on media web sites.


This year Transcom Portugal contributed to the “Pajama Day” cause by working together with the institution that promotes it and preparing kits that are sent to the schools in early November. The kits are then distributed to the children with instructions. The package also contains a paper piggy bank, shaped as a home that the children use in order to collect money from its family, friends, and neighbors… to help finance a home for the children that don’t have one. All together we prepared 7,450 kits! And, with the help of our voluntaries, Transcom Portugal will go on with this partnership, trying to put a smile in the face of those homeless children.

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