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César Mesa May 2nd, 2014

Transcom Sevilla invited client to celebrate the success of 2013

On February 4th, Transcom Sevilla held a workshop with one of our clients. The client sells leisure products, and insurance and legal advice to its banking and telecommunications partners' customers. The purpose of the meeting was to analyze the Q4 2013 results and review our client’s exponential growth during the past year. Throughout 2013 we conducted more than 1,500 recruiting interviews, delivered 150 initial training sessions and reached the figure of 300 sales agents for this client, doubling the volume achieved in 2012.  During our four years of partnership the client has praised Transcom’s efforts on a monthly basis. Being able to meet expectations and continuously improve the results over such a long period of time has been crucial for the client's decision to continue relying on Transcom for its expansion in Spain, offering our site growth and stability.

Sharing our clients recognition with the team

The goals we have achieved are the result of our campaign team’s performance and the successful implementation of various initiatives, as described in previous posts: A plan of continuous improvement, the study of learning curves and the ongoing revision of recruiting and training processes. As a reward for the team’s outstanding performance, we invited more than 300 employees to a festive meal to celebrate the hard work done during these four years (especially in 2013). Taking advantage of our client’s visit to our site, we awarded the best agents and team leaders (acknowledging their contribution to success), with 3 iPads, 3 Tablets and 6 Smartbox packs. In this way, we sought to recognize the effort by the members of the teams led by Vanessa Franco, Emiliano Montes, Juan de Mesa and of course, our partner in Madrid, Africa Martin, who joined the team in 2013.

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