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César Mesa Dec 6th, 2013

Transcom Sevilla launches sales improvement initiative

The art of selling is never easy, and it becomes even harder when you don't have eye contact with your prospective customer. Our clients’ growth is our own. Therefore, reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement, Transcom Sevilla recently launched its Plan for continuous improvement in sales campaigns. It's really very simple and the first lesson to learn in sales is this: “listen to your customer”. To guarantee that we always do so, Transcom Sevilla has established a process which ensures that we get maximum benefit from the feedback received by our agents during each call, and that, based on that information, we are able to suggest improvement measures to our client in order to better achieve our sales goals. To ensure that knowledge is transferred from each campaign’s agents to the rest of the team, regular meetings are held with agents, team leaders, and training & quality staff in attendance. During these meetings, the entire selling process is reviewed. Based on the first-hand information from the agents, the participants propose ideas that could potentially have an impact on the success of each call, resulting in increased sales.

The analysis committee in session

The best ideas are then selected and, once the benefits of their implementation have been described, the ideas are submitted for our client’s evaluation. Those ideas that pass its filters will then be incorporated into the campaign and will be monitored in order to confirm their impact on results. Beyond the improvements in terms of sales, we have also noticed another very important benefit of this process: an increased level of motivation and involvement of our agents, some of whose proposals are deployed with a direct measurable impact on results.

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