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Aija Urbiņa Sep 11th, 2013

Transcom supports Euro implementation in Latvia

"We are really pleased to support the country in the Euro changeover process. Through working with leading companies that set ambitious goals and clearly define their requirements for quality , we are accustomed to high quality standards. Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Thus, we are very pleased to be part of this project and are deeply committed to its success", says  Liene Spruģe, Operational Manager at Transcom Latvia. The purpose of the Euro information phone line is to ensure that people get toll-free information on questions related to the introduction of the Euro in Latvia. Customer relationship specialists at Transcom have been trained by the Ministry of Finance and the Latvia National Bank. They are responding to calls and questions every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm. When the phone lines are closed, callers are offered the option of recording their question and be called back by a customer relationship specialist. Transcom’s specialists provide answers to questions about the introduction of the Euro, as well as registering suggestions and complaints that are be passed on to relevant authorities. The first calls have already been handled. Currently, the most common question is whether there will be any changes to loans and rates issued in Latvian lats. There is a high level of interest from media, and the two biggest television companies in Latvia have already visited Transcom to film news stories.


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The phone line will be open until March 31, 2014 and Transcom will continue to focus on ensuring that callers’ experience of interacting with our specialists is a positive one and that they receive relevant information quickly.

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