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Sebastian Norling Rauhala Nov 13th, 2014

Transcom supports women's shelter in Karlskoga

You have probaly heard about Transcom's CSR program, Transcom Cares. One of the focus areas in this program is community engagement (the other two being people development and equality & diversity). At the Karlskoga site, we also try to contribute to the local community.

One of our employees really puts her heart into this: Gunsan Lundqvist Karlsson, Business Manager. Outside  of work she is the chairman of a non-profit organization that runs a local women's shelter. Due to the shelter's close proximity to the Karlskoga site, it was natural for Gunsan to initiate cooperation between Transcom and the shelter.


"I saw the need for clothes and everything else for them", she says. "There's a constant queue at the shelter with women who just arrived and those who are about to leave to start a new life. And they often have their children with them." Women and children escaping from abusive relationships often arrive with no more than the clothes they have on their backs. So they are in need of both clothes, toys and furniture for their stay and their eventual move to a new place. Gunsan recently organized two evening events at the Karlskoga site exclusively for Transcom employees in order to give away clothes, toys, furnitures and other useful items.

The result was above expectations. Another event will be organized before Christmas, but Gunsan is always available to accept give-aways. When we met her a while ago, she had recently been given three bags with things that will surely make life at the shelter a lot easier.


"One time, there was a woman who was on her way to move to a virtually empty apartment. But before that we were able to collect all the things she needed from the people here. And she was so grateful for it", says Gunsan. Gunsan, who has a background in politics and the Swedish organization Brottsofferjouren, says that women applying for asylum are also welcome to pick up things from the shelter. She also tells us that a couple of our employees will work as volunteers at the shelter in the future. Transcom cares, and we care a lot!

Transcom Cares

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