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Frida Gatu Feb 12th, 2014

Transcom Sweden educates agents in behavioral analysis to improve customer experience

In January we started to implement development programs for our  agents in Sweden. They will be trained to use a  behavioral style analysis method called Puzzle DISC. DISC is a behavioral style analysis tool that is used in many situations where people's differences are important to recognize, as in recruitment, personal development, team development, leadership development, sales development, communication and customer service. The different behavioral tendencies are also described using the colors red, yellow, green and blue.

Disc Colors

There are three reasons why we do this at Transcom:

  1. Improved understanding of and communication with our clients' customers
  2. Self-development
  3. Group development

According to a recent study, one fourth of repeat calls are caused by an emotional disconnect between the customer and the agent. By using the DISC system, our agents will learn how to identify different customer personalities and provide an answer that matches that specific personality, resulting in a better customer experience. If you, for example, talk to a “blue person”, the agent will need to focus on facts and details. If the agent talks to a “yellow person”, the conversation needs to be more chatty and social. Umeå is the first of six sites in Sweden to do the DISC-color language training. The first session was held on Friday January 21st.

Disc Training Umeå

The training was received with open arms and the agents thought DISC was a great method, easy to understand and easy to apply in their daily work. The agents also discussed various customer situations and how they can use color language in these conversations. We had very good discussions and everyone learned great methods on how they can respond to different customer personalities.

“It is absolutely amazing that you can answer a number of questions and get a behavioral analysis of myself that fits so incredibly well.”

“Everyone at Transcom should take this course.”

“Now I have a full understanding of the behavior of others.”

 Disc Training Umep Certificates

During the spring, we will start to train people at other sites in Sweden, and I look forward to “painting” Transcom in red, yellow, green and blue as a way of improving our customer experience and empowering our employees.

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