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Kelvin Dodd Aug 18th, 2015

Transcom Sweden offer agents Workforce Management on their smartphone

I am very pleased to announce that we have recently implemented a revolutionary app for Transcom’s agents in Sweden starting in Eskilstuna. The mobile app allows agents to access their individual future schedules on their Smartphone.  This takes way the need for paper schedules and having to go into work on their day off to find out their future working patterns.

Transcom Sweden offer agents Work Force Management on their smartphone

The agents can access the app 24/7 which has assisted greatly in receiving the schedules sooner and being able to plan their diary and work life balance for the coming month. The functionality also allows shift trades with team colleagues as well as review holiday balances and approved holidays. In addition, the app tracks an agent’s productivity and performance which is accurate and updated in real-time. I recently held a focus group in Eskilstuna and the feedback was very positive:-

"It is a great tool and I really like the scheduling overview" Philip Todorovski "The app is very is cool, I like the productivity information" Alexander Jonsson

We now have 750 employees in Sweden using the app and I expect further enhancements to increase the functionality further.

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