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Hamdi Ghazouani Jul 18th, 2013

Transcom in Tunisia: Two years after the Jasmine Revolution

The beauty of Tunisia is a fine mix of European and Middle Eastern culture with its rich history and magic views. It is a country in Northern Africa, south of Italy and Malta. It’s bordered by Libya to the Southeast and the country of Algeria to the west. Having Tunis as its capital, Tunisia has a Mediterranean coastline that makes it a popular tourist destination. The climate here varies. It is temperate in the north with mild winters that are sometimes rainy. The summers are mostly hot and sunny.


Transcom has been operating in Tunisia since 2005. Our two locations in the city of Tunis - specialized in providing top-class customer care, sales and technical support in the French and Italian languages - have made a significant contribution to business development. In Tunisia, Transcom serves clients in many sectors, e.g. telecommunications, travel & tourism, financial services, and retail. In this post, I would like to talk about a very touching experience we witnessed two years ago, 2 days after the 14th of January 2011. I still remember the day the Tunisian revolution began. We were, and we still are, all united to keep doing our job as best as we can in our company. We were all engaged to move forward.


On the 17th Of January, I remember people were still afraid of what happened in the previous nights, 14th, 15th and 16th of January, nights in which we witnessed a lack of security in the streets, and we had to protect our areas and homes. There was fear of the unknown, dark future but deep down inside, people were motivated and satisfied to have accomplished in 28 days what many had tried to do for a generation, namely topple a regime with over two decades in power. On that day, even if the situation was really delicate, and people were not able to get out, we decided to go to Transcom, to start once again our journey with more passion and with more motivation. Teammates were handling calls and emails, maintaining service levels and staying focused on providing exceptional customer experience. Even if the streets were not secure, we were full of energy. Tunisia's future was uncertain, but something was calling us, it was a wakeup call of duty to serve our company first and then our country. Many other people did the same thing, going to work, and even if there was no security and no government, we wanted to act like nothing had happened. We felt stronger than yesterday and that our country really needed each one of us.  It was really a very pleasant experience we lived through together, and we are really proud to be part of all this. Believe me, now after two years Tunisia is a safe and friendly country in North Africa. It's safe because we wanted it to be safe and because we are people who believe in change, and always think positive. We are making progress even if democracy in our country is too young, but we believe that we all care about our country and our company and we also do care about our young people, and we wish them great success, because they are our Hope for the Future, and some day, when our generation retires, they will always remember that day.


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