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Victor Fredriksson Dec 15th, 2014

Transcom Umeå is teeming with energy!

During the recent months, Transcom Umeå has been teeming with energy! As autumn slowly turns into winter, a burst of activity can be seen and felt on all floors of Tullkammaren, the historical building which constitutes the premises of Transcom Umeå . The sole reason for this upheaval is a sudden and welcome addition to our workforce.

To give some context - due to the current situation with high inbound call-volumes, the site has been going through an intense recruitment-phase. Since September this year we have been able to welcome more than 80 new employees to our site - meaning that Transcom Umeå has grown by 25% since July. Preparing for a recruitment as big as this one demands much engagement in terms of education and coordination, but also in terms of support from our experienced agents on site.

An important part of these preparations has been to establish a welcoming atmosphere across all teams, encouraging experienced agents to engage themselves in mentoring our new adepts. Johan Andersson – Customer Service Agent since half-a-year - suddenly finds himself in a situation where he’s not the greenhorn anymore: “Having all these new people around you makes you realize how much you have grown, as well as getting to grips with the amount of knowledge you’ve acquired by working with customers over the course of a year. Being able to share your knowledge with the new employees is an instantly rewarding experience.”

Having the privilege to add this number of new employees to your organization is like opening up a window, letting in a gust of fresh air. Better still, we’re not settled even at this point - the windows open again as soon as January 2015.

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