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Johan Eriksson Apr 10th, 2014

Transcom’s 2013 annual report

Today, Transcom published its annual report for 2013. I am very pleased that our key operational performance indicators continued to improve during the year, with a positive impact on profitability. At the same time, we continued to grow our revenue at a healthy rate. In 2013, we also launched Transcom Cares as our global CSR governance program in order to ensure that we meet the expectations of all our key stakeholders. Three focus areas make up the foundation of the program: people development, equality & diversity, and community engagement. I invite you to read more about our activities and performance during 2013 in the report, which you can find below and also on our website. This year, we wanted to provide you with a bit more material on the characteristics of our industry and our business model. We have included a couple of client cases, exemplifying how we add value together with our clients. You will find this material on pages 8-19. Let me also take this opportunity to thank all our employees for your hard work and strong commitment, which were very important to our achievements in 2013. I am looking forward to another busy and successful year in 2014.

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