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Giuseppe Bertini Mar 13th, 2014

Transcom’s core values as illustrated by our employees

Last summer, Transcom Italy invited all employees to participate in the photo contest “Express your value” as a way to highlight Transcom’s core values Passion, Excellence and Innovation. The challenging task was to interpret and illustrate these three core values in a representative picture. The contest lasted for six months and involved numerous colleagues, both enthusiasts and amateurs, who put their creativity and ability to the test. We received more than 100 amazing photos. In December a jury representing employees from all our sites in Italy selected the three winners by using an online voting system. The creators of these photographs received a digital underwater camera as a prize. Here are the winning photographs and the motivation from the jury.

PASSION: The Heart


Adding passion into everyday work is one of the key ingredients that enable us to respond positively to challenges and not to give up in the case of difficulty, but instead searching for solutions to achieve the desired result. Conveying passion on the telephone means communicating trust and having a positive attitude which creates “customer experience”. Massimiliano Macchia, Alessandra Peterlin and Gianluca Viola from Milan won the prize for Passion.

EXCELLENCE: The Difference

To excel means to stand out, to be recognized among others, and to make the difference through our brand. A Transcom egg, even when it is surrounded by other eggs that all look identical, always stands out because of the recognized quality of our services. Rosa Randazzo from Biancavilla, Catania won the prize for the image representing Excellence.



Innovating means creating something new, without always reinventing the wheel, while bearing in mind the excellences we already have, in order to build a new and better future. Old technologies that evolve into new technologies make us think about the future of Transcom, without forgetting the past, but capitalizing on our extensive experience. Mattia Campa from Transcom Lecce won the prize for Innovation.

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