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Johan Eriksson Jul 17th, 2014

Transcom’s Q2 2014 results

This morning, we released our interim report for Q2 and the first six months of 2014. While I am pleased with the profitability improvement in our core business, strengthening our performance in Chile is a key priority for 2014, which I expect will yield margin improvements this year. Divestments and closures that we have completed during the past year had a significant impact on our reported revenue. While profitability enhancement is currently our top priority, our goal is to continue growing revenue at least in line with overall market growth. These are the key highlights of our report:

  • Divestments and closures had a significant impact on reported revenue in the quarter
  • EBIT margin in core CRM business improved by 0.9 percentage points in Q2 2014, from 1.6% to 2.5%, excluding the one-time cost for the re-domiciliation
  • Strengthening performance in Chile is a top priority for 2014
  • Subject to shareholder approval, Transcom will carry out a re-domiciliation to Sweden this year, given the benefits of such a move for the Group and its shareholders.

Feel free to have a look at the presentation below, or contact me directly with any questions. The report can be downloaded here.

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