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Jonas Ahlstedt Dec 10th, 2013

Transvoice is growing

Transvoice, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Transcom, is a leading language service provider (LSP) in Sweden. Our speciality is interpretation-at-a-distance over the phone. The market for interpretation services is rapidly shifting from on-site interpretation into at-a-distance services and Transvoice is well positioned to lead this market transformation. Transvoice currently has 130 employees and 27 mEUR in yearly revenue - and we are growing. Just recently, we landed a big contract for call center-interpretation with a client in the public sector. Read more about Transvoice here: Last week there was a feature from our site in Norrköping in a news broadcast with the largest TV network in Sweden, the Swedish Television, SVT. You can watch it here (in Swedish):

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