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Walter Spadoni Jun 11th, 2014

A win-win-win story with positive effects for our client and everyone at Transcom

One of Transcom's global clients is a major household appliance brand. Since 2006, we have been offering our CRM services to the customers of this multinational company in various languages. In the last few years, we have further expanded our services and new languages have been added to meet our client’s business needs. Today we are delivering customer care services and technical assistance for this company in almost all European markets, and we are still looking at future expansion opportunities. This long-term relationship is now evolving into an even stronger partnership and - thanks to its global reach - there will be important benefits for everyone working in our organization. Transcom recently closed a special agreement with this client, offering Transcom employees some very special discounts and promotions on their product range. This agreement will be valid in almost all countries where we both operate.

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The promotion, which has already been successfully launched at our site in Portugal, will be rapidly implemented throughout most of Transcom's sites, starting with Poland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Our other sites worldwide will also be involved in the coming months. This is a great opportunity to tighten our global partnership with a very important client while producing a very positive side-effect for both our companies: new sales for our client and great benefits for Transcom employees. An excellent example of win-win-win story that make us truly proud to be a global company, capable to think and act locally, but globally connected.

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