Increasing Sales by 20% in 4 Months for an Leading Spanish Bank
A Spanish bank that provides credit card and loan services approached Transcom with the objective to maximize loans with new and existing customers.

The challenge

The client had a traditional monitoring method that didn’t allow them to efficiently track the quality of customer service. A very small number of customer contacts were scored and feedback was provided only for a sample of calls within a few days after a call occurred. This made it difficult for agents to link feedback to the specific customer interaction. Add to that, the client was unable to identify system-wide deficiencies, such as reasons for silent time.


Transcom’s solution

Step 1: Implement a speech analytics program

Step 2: Give immediate feedback to agents

Step 3: Provide coaches with a greater sample size

Step 4: Provide system-wide views on process and knowledge gaps


The outcome

Only four months after implementing a speech analytics program, we managed to increase sales by 20% and reduce average handling time (AHT) by 10%, providing both cost savings and additional revenue to the client.