Gamification Boosts Knowledge Enhancement by 15% for a UK Online Travel Provider
An online travel provider from the UK partnered with Transcom with the aim of increasing agent knowledge management.

The challenge

The client had issues with finding a stimulating and motivating capability building solution and being able to track learning and performance trajectory across FTEs in a systematic way.


Transcom’s solution

Transcom offered a six week gamification solution to train all 140 FTEs across the client’s regional operation.


The outcome

Transcom succeeded in significantly impacting agent learning:

Across the 140 FTEs 15,000 games were played and 60,000 questions were answered

Correct response rate was 85%

Knowledge enhancement went up by 15%

Employee satisfaction increased as trainings were perceived to be more fun

Transparency across employees’ performance trajectory increased as all results were tracked, analyzed and provided to the client by Transcom