HRA - C&B Specialist - Bacolod, Philippines

Location: Philippines, Bacolod City

Job category: Human Resources


Transcom is looking for talented individuals like you to join our awesome team! Be the next HRA - C&B Specialist for our Transcom Bacolod site.

What's in it for YOU!

Driven by our "Malasakit" culture, we make certain that our team members are well-cared for. Hence we are proving these employee benefits, which you'll be able to utilize once you join our team! 

  • Day 1 HMO

  • Meal & Transportation Allowance

  • Rice Subsidy

  • Clothing Allowance

  • 24/7 Teleconsult

  • Free Psychologist Consultation

  • In-house & Online Pharmacy

  • Scholarship Program

  • Retirement Fund

  • Free Meal & Medicine (through Transcom’s Tap Card Rewards)

  • Loyalty Incentives

  • Accidental & Life Insurance

  • Free Shuttle Service

Join our Transcom Family as an HRA - Compensation & Benefits Specialist!
  • Administers and manages compensation and benefits programs of the organization for the employees like retirement plans, mutual savings, allowances and benefits premiums, loyalty and service, special leaves and leave of absence policies, health and wellness programs, insurances, clearances, statutory benefits, company initiated and government mandated benefits.

  • Prepare employee change notice documents (ECNs), salary recommendation and other compensation analysis

  • Monitors government regulations and trends

  • Monitors enrolment and/or renewals of employees and company memberships (HMO, Life Insurances, Retirement and Provident Funds, others)

  • Validates and processes employees registration to government agencies in order to administer statutory benefits (Philhealth – ER2, SSS – R1A, HDMF – MDF)

  • End-to-end of employees SSS sickness benefits

  • End-to-end process of employees SSS maternity benefits and DOLE mandated benefits

  • Ensures communication of enhancement of the statutory benefits.

  • Validates and processes employees registration to partner agencies in order to administer company benefits (HMO, Retirement, Insurances)

  • Administers Mutual Fund and Retirement registration, contribution report to Zalamea and Finance, deductions of employees, and processing withdrawal and benefits upon separation

  • Ensures timely registration and activation of the TAP of newly qualified and existing employees for PAR, SD, and MVR in Loyalty system and ensures system-related issues are covered

  • Ensures implementation of company related benefits and initiatives

  • Ensures that employees are aware and avail of such.

  • Ensures that all allowances are properly paid to the employees.

  • Ensures timely provision/payments of incentives and/or allowances (Regularization increases CSRs, Transpo, Rice Subsidy, Meal points, PABonuses, PARewards, Skills Premiums, Service incentives, Tokens, MVR, etc.)

  • Ensures issuance of Regularization ECNs

  • Oversees clinic management, OSH management, conducting APE and health and wellness activities in compliance to law and for the overall wellness of the company

  • Educates and assists employees in the processing of availment of benefits. Ensures forms and documents completion for smooth processing.

  • Processes Sickness and Maternity Claims of Employees which include validation of documents, requesting for cash advances, releasing of checks to employees, and processing of reimbursement to collect what has been advanced to employees.

  • Ensures all billings are tracked, monitored, and validated so not to result to overpayments (Zalamea, Smart, HMO, Life Insurance, Concessionaires, Pharmacy, Ideal Vision, NBS, etc.)

  • Ensures all collectibles are charged against employees’ salaries BY Payroll Advises and track accordingly (Smart, HMO, Pharmacy, NBS, Ideal Vision, etc.)

  • Ensures timely processing of employees’ online clearances.

  • Ensures that all unpaid collectibles shall be charged and collected against employees’ final pay.

  • Ensures Timely processing of third party billings PRs, GRs, and Accounting Tandims for payment (Zalamea, Smart, HMO, Life Insurance, Concessionaires, Pharmacy, Ideal Vision, NBS, etc.) 

  • Prepare letters for employee movement.

  • Process salary recommendation and other compensation analysis

  • Accomplish annual survey data submission requests

What we are looking for:

To be successful in this role you must…

  • Hold a university degree or professional experience.

  • At least 1 year experience in C&B role and/or Payroll role.

  • Customer Service experience is a plus factor.

What Life at Transcom is like!
At Transcom, we’re relentlessly committed to our clients and each other. Every day, someone starts their journey with Transcom. Taking the potential they have today, and turning it into skills for the future. Getting recognized for working hard, being a team player, and supporting others. Championing positive, lasting change in their teams and communities. That’s just how we are at Transcom. Here we care, and root for each other. You’re included, just as you are, from day one. And with the right mindset, there’s no end to how far we can go together.

We are highly driven by our "Malasakit" culture. Transcom, in its very core, is all about an inclusive team that is focused on people. It all comes down to setting the bar for dignity, equality, and respect. It means that each one takes part in proactively shaping, cultivating, and building the company we want to work and live in. This is why genuine concern is so vital to us.

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